Danny Thorogood

Front-end Developer and pattern library steward

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Welcome to the online portfolio for Danny Thorogood, front-end web developer, UI technichian and pattern steward.

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About me

I am a father of three living on the central coast of California, which makes me a very busy person. I spent the last six years as a lead front-end developer for an Ecommerce company, and spend what little spare time I have tinkering in all things Web.

When I'm not playing with my kids, or building Web stuff, I enjoy watching rugby and F1, playing video games, and have taken on the role of cub scout den leader for Nipomo pack 405.

I was born and raised in Scotland, and moved to California with my wife in 2003. This should help to avoid you wondering "why does this guy talk funny?" when you call me up to hire me.

Danny Thorogood


Kibo Global Resources

Global Resources outlines the patterns and components that comprise the Kibo user interface library. The patterns and components are used to generate a consistent look and feel when designing apps and products within the Kibo ecosystem.

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Kibo color palette
Kibo design principals
Kibo kitchen sink

Kibo Customer Care UI

The Kibo Customer Care UI allows customer services representitives to assist consumers with issues relating to their orders. It was developed with primary focus being given to displaying the most imediately useful details pertaining to the order prominently.

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Order detail
Shopping Cart

Kibo Order Routing

The Kibo Order Routing application is a complex tool that allows users to manage the way the Kibo routes orders to fulfillers.

It utilizes the Global Resources pattern library to great effect.

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Custom Data
Editing custom data

Resume – (Download PDF)


  • Kibo/Shopatron, San Luis Obispo, CA. (October 2010 — Present)
    • Lead Front-End Developer, Engineering (June 2014 — Present)
      • Responsible for front-end development of client facing and internal applications.
      • Worked with UX Design team to design and create a global design pattern library and global resources for all Kibo applications.
      • Implemented multiple UI using the Kibo global pattern library.
      • Provided support for front-end of legacy systems.
      • Worked closely with UX team on designs for new applications.
    • Lead Front-End Developer, Client Services (May 2011 — June 2014)
      • Primarily responsible for client site enhancements and troubleshooting.
    • Web Producer, Client Services (October 2010 — May 2011)
      • Executed designs of client websites created by design team.
      • Troubleshooting problems with client websites.
      • Enhancing sites with additional functionality.
  • The (San Luis Obispo) Tribune, 45,000 daily subscription, San Luis Obispo, CA. (May 2003 — Present)
    • Web Developer (March 2007 — Present)
      • Primarily responsible for developing, and maintaining features for the newspaper's Web site.
      • Involved in creating XML feeds to distribute code to content management system, and vendors.
      • Created newsroom workflows for ad proofing, and posting images to the Web site.
      • Aiding staff in using the proprietry content management system.
    • Support Technician (November 2005 — March 2007)
      • Provided desktop support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OSX and OS9 based systems.
      • Aided in creating production workflow for computer to plate system.
      • Developed web based online subscription tool for newspaper Web site.
    • Commercial Print Specialist (November 2004 — November 2005)
      • Worked with commercial print clients to produce printed materials.
      • Performed daytime pageflow duties.
      • Built daily classified section, and weekly TV Book.
      • Scheduled delivery of products to customers.
      • Maintained production computer systems.
    • Pageflow Monitor (May 2003 — November 2004)
      • Worked deadline critical night shift at newspaper to send pages to press.
      • Troubleshooting of problem pages, and graphics to ensure deadline not missed.
  • BadLogic Web Design (2002 — February 2003)
    • Co-owner
      • Met with clients to create Web sites and develop marketing solutions.
      • Created custom CMS system for local business.


  • University of Aberdeen, B.Sc.
    • Computer Science


  • Highly skilled in HTML, CSS, Javascript and JSP.
  • Skilled in Java, PHP, MySQL.


  • Skilled in Spring framework, Foundation, Bootstrap and jQuery.
  • Worked extensively with Twitter API as well as APIs of several other newspaper related technologies.
  • Very familiar with Wordpress, including developing custom themes and plugins.


  • Excellent at problem solving and communicating.
  • Able to work equally closely with designers and engineers.